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Wayne Newton Pre-Party with rare screening of "DEAD RINGER"


tl_files/media/images/Big Smash! Music Scene/waynedetail2.jpgInto the Music + Big Smash! presents:

Wayne Newton in
a rare 1981 episode of the TV show VEGA$
playing on 16mm film!

Monday December 14th
DJ Rob Vilar - 4pm-5pm
Screening - 5pm-6pm
at Into the Music - 245 McDermot

Join us for a shakin’ Vegas shindig as we celebrate Wayne Newton’s visit to Winnipeg with DJs, ‘champagne’ and a rare screening (on actual 16mm film!!) of the best Vega$ episode EVER, “Dead Ringer”, which stars Richard Lynch (God Told Me To) as a delusional, homicidal Wayne Newton impersonator! The real Wayne Newton shows up with his slick black hair and fiery fists to set the record straight and to help Dan Tanna catch the killer. One of the finest hours in television history. I will even bring my favourite Wayne Newton poster so that you can gaze upon its magnificence.

Then head down to the Club Regent Casino to see Wayne Newton in person at 8pm!

Special Thanks to Clint Enns who will be projecting and providing the 16mm projector!

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