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January 2011


Miskatonic institute: MISOGYNY IN HORROR

04/01/2011 - 18/01/2011 04/01/2011 - 18/01/2011

Women’s bodies––as slashed, maimed, mutilated and murdered, as sexually deviant and devious, as monstrous and horrifying, and even as the victim-hero––scream for interrogation, particularly by those who consume her time and time again. In a few short classes, we’ll turn a critical eye on these familiar images, asking key questions about why women are the prime victims in these films, what ideas about gender, sexuality and the body they normalize, what (and whose) fantasies are addressed when a film’s aesthetic centerpiece is a woman’s death (and for what purpose), and how we––as fans of the genre––engage with these images.

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lost myths

LOST MYTHS - Live Multimedia Show!


An archive of cryptomythological fiction, pantheons, bestiaries, comics, art, and more by writer/storyteller Claude Lalumière and visual artist Rupert Bottenberg -- is a fully immersive multimedia live show: Claude reads and performs a medley of Lost Myths to a slideshow of Rupert's art, accompanied by music and sound effects.

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apres ski

APRES SKI - Soundtrack Release Party!


When moustaches meet skidoos and funky soundtracks, nothing catholic can ensue. This Quebecois jewel is an ode to la Belle Province in all its promiscuity, and BLUE SUNSHINE is proud to team up with Les Disques Pluton to host a screening + listening party in celebration of the record release of the (long lost) soundtrack to the film!

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haunted house

Miskatonic Institute: THE HAUNTED HOUSE

25/01/2011 - 08/02/2011 25/01/2011 - 08/02/2011

Kristopher Woofter leads this course exploring the characteristic styles, themes and conventions of the 'haunted house' film, from early cinema to recent films and television.

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jacob two two

Trash Palace + Big Smash! present: JACOB TWO-TWO MEETS THE HOODED FANG


Mordechai Richler’s classic kids’ story is brought to life in this “low-budget but extravagantly staged” Canadian production shot right here in Montreal!

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