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Holy crap! Christiane Cegavske has a BOARD GAME!

01/07/2009 23:28 by Kier-La Janisse

tl_files/media/images/Plastic Paper/DollHuntGame.jpgChristiane Cegavske, who made the painstakingly beautiful and disturbing stop motion animated feature BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING in 2006 (I've described it elsewhere as "Beatrix Potter in Hell") has designed a boardgame! It's called Doll Hunt and there are only 100 hand-made copies, all signed and numbered!

SEE/BUY the Boardgame HERE

why there are no Big Smash! events in July...

28/06/2009 19:19 by Kier-La Janisse

I'll be in Montreal for all of July, that's why. I'm working for the Fant-Asia Film Festival, which runs from July 9-28. It's three weeks of awesomeness - horror films, martial arts films, action films, sci-fi films, dark and disturbing documentaries - I recommend attending, it's worth the trip. People line up around the block to get in, which is a refreshing sight for someone normally stuck in the cinema-starved city of Winnipeg.

Fantasia's been around since 1996, so who knows if attendance was always like that - but when I started attending in 1999 it was already a megalith of a festival. So even if it took some time to nurture and create that audience, it still only took three years before the festival was hugely appreciated by Montreal movie fans. Talking to arts organizers and event organizers in Winnipeg, it seems the same can't be said of fans here. It's like you have to exist for a decade before anyone even knows you exist, and unfortunately not everyone has the funds to exist for that long without an audience.

I'm hoping that keeping my events small-scale for a while will help nurture a future audience without depleting my funds to the point where I'm using coffee filters for toilet paper and vice versa (again). But the goal is to create enough of a fanbase here for genre films and music films that I can eventually provide bigger and better events with fly-in guests and all kinds of perks for the audience. Nothing the size of Fant-Asia of course, I don't think our population could sustain something of that size, but a respectable genre festival would be nice.